About Current Talent Agency

Current Talent Agency brings life-changing experiences to stages around the world. We only work with artists that we truly believe in-artists whose music moves us to scream or dance or change the world.

Our eclectic roster of artists is bound by the values they share. They care for each other, and they care about the quality of their work. These artists are true professionals-responsible, respectful and ready to electrify audiences every time they step on stage.

We don't just want people to have a good time when they see one of our artists. We want them to be changed. Music can expand minds, open hearts and broaden horizons. Current's artists aim to do this every night. And they have a great time doing it, too.

These artists are not simply our clients. They are our brothers and sisters, and we are their passionate fans. We look out for them, and they look out for each other.

We also look out for our buyers. At Current, our job is not to be a mere middleman between artists and venues. It is to foster relationships that allow everyone to win. Although madness and mayhem are part of the thrill of live music, we want to minimize headaches and allow for seamless events.

It has never been our desire to be the biggest booking agency in town. That is not what will best serve our buyers or our artists. We are not a mindless machine-blindly pushing volume with indifference toward quality. We work with needle and thread-intentional about every stitch. Show after show and night after night, we strive to prove that bigger is not always better.

Current is nothing without our integrity, and we expect the same from everyone we work with. There is simply no point for us to sell out our integrity for the sake of a quick dollar.

Having worked professionally in music since 1997, the Current team has experience with artist management, live performance, merchandising, tour management, event management and more. Simply put, we know what we're doing, and we prove it every day. Our commitment to both event buyers and artists is to earn your trust by working tirelessly with fairness, honesty and tenacity.

Current exclusively represents artists for worldwide live concert and speaking engagements. Please email (email@currentmm.com) or call (615-472-8586) if you are interested in booking one of our artists.


Past eclectic roster of Artists we've been honored to work with:
All Sons & Daughters, Amena Brown, Audrey Assad, Derek Webb, Gungor, House Of Heroes, Ike Ndolo, Jaci Velasquez, Jackie Hill Perry, John Mark McMillan, Joy Williams, Kings Kaleidoscope, Kye Kye, Leeland, Lovedrug, Propaganda, Salvador, Sandra McCracken, Seabird, Take 6, The Brilliance, The Civil Wars, The Classic Crime