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John Mark McMillan is something of an anomaly. From the very beginning of his career, nearly a decade ago, his music has defied easy categorization. A singer-songwriter as interested in musical exploration as lyrical exploration, McMillan carved his own path from the outset—with an ear for melody with a poet’s eye for metaphor—no topic was off-limits: death and love; isolation and exultation; restlessness and silence. And always consistent—an ongoing dialogue with God, ever-wrestling for some kind of blessing and usually at volumes most suited for rock clubs. Now ten long years in, McMillan released Borderland, his fourth studio album and arguably his finest, on March 4, 2014.

Borderland is indeed something rare—the sound of an artist staking a claim in the no-man’s land of contemporary life, intent on finding heaven there. Make no mistake, Borderland is the musical statement of a songwriter at the height of his powers; one who has made a career of rejecting easy categorization and defying expectations, and this album is certainly no different. 


Press about Borderland:

"It may be one of the most rewarding worship albums in years" (JesusFreakHideout

"It's an excellent release from a very exciting musician" (Relevant)

"It’s the perfect blend of style and substance" (IndieVisionMusic). 

"In Borderland, it seems we’re given access to John Mark’s secret garden, one he’s found or has found him. Themes throughout speak of identity lost and found, personally and corporately for listeners as a whole; a sort of personal state of the nation, present and future, carried and communicated with a group of outstanding musicians and friends." 10 out of 10 stars (TheBlueIndian)

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