AS&D Live Review: All About Worship

All Sons & Daughters: Live - Review & Giveaway

By Chris Olson on April 24, 2013

If you are familiar with the powerful duo of All Sons and Daughters, then you’re in for a treat. If you don’t know about All Sons and Daughters . . . um . . . where have you been? I feel genuine sadness for you. But fear not! This is the perfect opportunity to make all things right!

Released just Tuesday of this week, Live is a new album comprised of songs old and new performed live (duh) in Franklin, TN. David and Leslie are backed with a full band, and bring back some favorites such as “All the Poor and Powerless” and “Oh Our Lord,” and introduce us to new tracks “Great Are You Lord” and “God With Us.”

With new versions of known songs, it’s easy to perhaps feel like a loved song could be “tarnished” by a new rendition. Thankfully, that is not a concern here! If anything, there is even more life, energy and passion in these recordings, if for no other reason than the live recording environment.

I do have to mention a few highlights, though . . .

“Reason to Sing.” Holy cow. I cannot get enough of this song. Leslie’s vocal, especially on the line “I need to know that You’re still holding the whole world in Your hand” is wonderful. It is something special when you hear the emotion come through the lyrics and vocal. And with a very simple musical arrangement, the simple yet effective bass line adds a wonderful dynamic that drives this song right through my heart.

New song “Great Are You Lord” (written with Jason Ingram) is a stunner. Led by David, this song will hopefully find its way into churches across the world. The chorus is fragile, yet strong in proclamation. “It’s Your breath in our lungs, so we pour out our praise…” is a passionate cry of praise to a truly great Lord.

Lastly, “Called Me Higher” is a head bopper. At least, it is for me. I love the message of this song, which calls us out of our complacency in our walk with the Lord. It is so easy to get comfortable and look for fulfillment and a rich relationship with Christ with little to no effort or movement, but Leslie and David remind us that God has, indeed, called us to something more – something higher.

Whether you’re an All Sons and Daughters fan from the beginning, or someone who is just now hearing about them, this album will not disappoint.  Raw. Vulnerable. Worshipful. Powerful. All of these are accurate in describing the feel of these songs, all centered on Jesus Christ. David recently said “We’re not trying to sway emotions. We are really trying to tell a story and move people through a progression from brokenness to grace to finding freedom.”  This could not be more accurate. Of course, I dare you to listen to this album and not feel some emotions rising up in you. If you don’t, I recommend checking your pulse.