Download Current Talent Agency's Summer Sampler at

Download Current Talent Agency's Summer Sampler at

Current Talent Agency’s new SUMMER SAMPLER features releases from All Sons & Daughters, Amena Brown, Audrey Assad, Jars of Clay, John Mark McMillan, and The Brilliance

You’ve heard the name. Now you can know the songs.

With lyrics that are fresh and compelling and driven by a passion that’s palpable, the artists of CTA are bringing life-changing music to stages around the world. From percussive rhyme schemes to sweeping orchestral arrangements, CTA artists are progressive front-runners, not afraid to break the status quo. 

Join in the chorus of songs that are already being sung the world over. 

All profits will benefit Blood:Water Mission, a non-profit organization founded by Jars of Clay to alleviate the HIV/AIDS and water crisis in Africa through local community partnerships. Learn more at

Change up your playlist this summer and step inside the sounds of Current Talent Agency.

If you like what you hear, head over to iTunes or Amazon to explore the full albums.