Hear the story behind John Mark McMillan's "Live at the Knight"

Imagine a room full of individuals each with their unique talents, backgrounds, hopes & dreams. Imagine this group of people, as diverse as they are, together for one purpose of mind. Imagine the power that group can create.

Now on the other hand, imagine the power of music. Imagine a moment when a song touched your heart & spoke to your soul. Remember the inspiration & hope the song brought to you the moment that song hit your ear.

Now picture the two together. Imagine the lives changed, the hearts touched, the moments created from this beautiful collision of humanity & music.

That is exactly the vision John Mark McMillan had for his newest live record: “Live at the Knight”.

He said in one of his videos promoting the new album, "Music isn’t a communal thing. It’s not about just one person or another, but is about feeling something together. It’s about sharing moments & in turn sharing what we can of our lives with one another.”

“Live at the Knight” is McMillan’s attempt to capture those life changing moments, & record them so that those moments can follow us home & always be within reach.

In another video, McMillan delves into describing the power behind music, "Music is little more than sound & lectured lines. The movement of air & molecules bounce off one another & push up against your eardrum. Your brain collects the data; but when a human heart gives context to the sound, the molecules dance & sound becomes a place where we find solidarity & even fellowship. We can feel the intentions of one another & in that way we are not alone."

Watch these videos to hear more of McMillan’s heart behind the album & make sure to get your copy on iTunes.