Every Movement Needs A Manifesto

Movements that change culture start by creating a Manifesto: A clear and carefully created declaration that guides their actions and inspires others. 

- Martin Luther King wrote “I have a Dream”.

- Apple developed “The Crazy Ones”.

- Einstein published his Theory of Relativity.

As creatives, as artists, as makers, we often get stuck because we know we have something meaningful to say to the world but we’re not sure if the world will listen back... A manifesto gives you the courage and confidence to stand up and stand out. Download CJ Casciotta's free ebook "5 Steps to Writing A Manifesto" a guide to bringing out the movement behind your ideas. 

CJ Casciotta is the founder of Sounds Like A Movement, a company that helps leaders transform their ideas into movements. On his podcast CJ has interviewed creative pioneers like Seth Godin, Jon Foreman, Dan Haseltine and many more. CJ also speaks and writes on movement making in places like MTV, CBS, Q Ideas, and Relevant.