All Sons & Daughters

The Poets & Saints Tour will be centered on the release of All Sons & Daughters’ new record Poets & Saints.

Following a two-week trip to Europe in 2015, AS&D wrote and recorded songs connected to the stories of several prominent figures in our church history including C.S. Lewis, Saint Francis of Assisi and other lesser known figures such as Saint Therese of Lisseaux and William Cowper. 

The Poets & Saints Tour will be a storytelling style worship night with compelling visuals and several liturgical elements including but not limited to communion & prayer.



All Sons & Daughters will lead songs from their new project Poets & Saints as well as songs from Live and their self-titled album. The moments of song will be both participatory with lyrics as well as contemplative with moments of quiet and reflection.


Author and speaker, Jamie George will join the Poets & Saints Tour and bring his unique storytelling coupled with the stunning visuals from the group’s time in Europe.


Defined simply as “an outward sign of inward grace,” sacraments are those things we participate in to declare our faith. On the Poets & Saints Tour there will be an opportunity for attendees to participate in communion if comfortable with intinction (dipping of the bread in the cup before partaking).



Poets & Saints. Fall 2016.

What the Tour will provide: 

  1. Backline
  2. FOH Board
  3. Mic Package
  4. Supplemental Lighting
  5. Travel by Bus

What the promoter will provide:

  1. 3 hotel rooms
  2. Meals (max 13 traveling) 
  3. Ground Transportation
  4. Sound
  5. Lights
  6. Screen/Projection

For more details or to book a date on the tour, 
call us (615-472-8586) or send us a message (