New Album Fall 2017

available for touring fall 2017

Goodness, truth and beauty.
Christians have always affirmed these.
Goodness educates our morality, showing us how to act.
Truth is the foundation of our theology, the source of our freedom.
But it is beauty that captures and expresses our affection, and it is beauty we often neglect.
Young Oceans is good and true but it's also beautiful.
It doesn't just inspire your mind and behavior but your passion and imagination.
In this way, it is a worthy triumph of Christian aesthetics.
- Jon Tyson, Trinity Grace Church (2014)


YOUNG OCEANS is a neo-alternative worship project that evolved from hymns penned and arranged within the Trinity Grace Church community in New York City by songwriter Eric Marshall.  

The endeavor sprang up as a separate offshoot from TGC’s two live worship albums when an eclectic gathering of musicians and parishioners began exploring artful re-renderings of Marshall’s songs in a SoHo apartment.  Untethered from the expectations of a traditional congregational format, including both length and structure, a musical ethos emerged that was more a companion to reflective prayer and meditation than a typical church experience. 

Attendance at impromptu gatherings soon filled to overflowing, and led to the recording of a studio album that could be shared on a broader level. The resulting self-titled debut album was named Top 10 album of the year for 2012 by RELEVANT Magazine, and spawned a second release instrumental version titled BEFORE THE BEGINNING and led to the follow up release ADVENT, first as an EP in December 2012, and then as an expanded deluxe edition March 2013.

The band’s fourth release and second full-length studio album I MUST FIND YOU released on September 30, 2014.