Sandra McCracken On Tour / On NoiseTrade

Sandra McCracken and Band on Tour in 2016. Call us at 615-472-8586 or for information on booking one of these events.

Read about Psalms and download the Bonus Album for free for a limited time from NoiseTrade. Link to video below.

Sandra McCracken's new album Psalms (plus bonus material) is available exclusively on NoiseTrade for a limited time. Borrowing from sacred and ancient words, Psalms is an 11 song collection of evocative re-castings of Biblical texts that has received critical acclaim since its release earlier this year.

The bonus material (most of which is unreleased) is a sampling of songs written by McCracken and friends, several of whom lend guest vocals. The songs flowed out a series of community songwriting retreats that Sandra has helped to facilitate (which coincided with the writing of the Psalms album), to benefit the faith-based environmental organization A Rocha.

A Rocha is in 20 countries around the world, working toward conservation and ecological restoration. Be encouraged to give generously, as all proceeds from the tip jar will give support to the charitable work of A Rocha and will contribute to future songwriter retreats and recordings.